We understand that people are the most valuable asset of an enterprise. Therefore, VINACONS E&C focuses on on-boarding human resources to facilitate training and future development orientation.

We understand that the workspace plays a very important role in contributing to work efficiency, VINACONS E&C has built a spacious and airy working space, along with multi-purpose facilities such as canteen and cafeteria, resting area, local housing allowance, etc. The company is also fully prepared with modern equipment, state-of-the-art labor protection uniforms to help each employee feel secure to work.



Vinacons E&C sets standards for defining Vinaconser. The Vinacons distinctive principles help us to orientate in our decision-making, how we behave and serve our customers. These principles are the basis for Vinacons E&Cer to firmly step on the journey of conquering the tops.


Kindness: We build a culture of kindness at Vinacons by working-style and sincere behavior, integrity and dedication.

Professionalism: We understand that our products play a great role for the development of the investor, community and society. Therefore, we always dedicate to working towards the best perfection.

Efficiency: Trying to complete the job quickly while still meeting the stringent requirements and standards is an important key to create our customers' satisfaction.

In the journey to success, Vinacons E&C not only aims to build the brand as the top professional contractor in the construction field, but also always strives to create a desirable working and living environment. With the motto “STAFF IS FIRST'', Vinacons E&C always cares for health, shares feelings to create a comprehensive development of Vinacons E&Cers in all aspects: physically, sentimently, mentally.



Salary & Allowances: One of the most competitive companies in the market

The life standard of Vinacons E&C employees is our top concern. Salary, bonus and allowances are always carefully considered to ensure that each employee and their family have a quality life. Therefore, the Board of Directors has applied a salary, bonus and allowance regime that belongs to the most competitive group in the Vietnam market.


Annual Tourism: We always try to give you great relaxed moments after working hours.

Annual tourism is an activity that is the most attention at Vinacons E&C every year. After the devoted-working days, the tours are diversely organized to help employees relax and rest, re-energize to fulfill great goals of personal and company.


Spiritual Life Concern: Your spirit is Vinacons’ heart


Taking care of their spiritual life what everyone has time to rest after a hard-working day, is the top priority regime. Working away from home is a hallmark of the construction industry. Therefore, in all offices and projects, the company always creates the most comfortable accommodation for employees to have the most effective work hours.

Vinacons E&C cares about all aspects of spiritual and emotional life of each employee to reach the goal of owning a human resource that goods at not only professional, physical but also strong spirit and positive attitude. In order to do that, we accompany you in all the joys and sorrows in life. We share birthdays, sickness, and maternity with you.

- Career opportunities: Vinacons E&C always welcome potential, enthusiastic and passionate candidates from all over the country to join the Vinacons E&C Grand Family.