Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners,

After more than 10 years of establishment and development, we - VINACONS E&C have been step by step building our brand and reputation on the way to expand our network of both Vietnam and foreign customers. Our construction capability is proved through many customer-satisfied quality projects in civil, commercial, industrial and environment that have been completed and put into operation.

In order to achieve today’s success, we have experienced many ups and downs, difficulties since the very early days of establishment when we were still young and immature in all aspects. Our strength comes from the spirit of solidarity, companion and the determination, dare to think, dare to do of the Board of Management and all employees of VINACONS E&C. With that foundation, we are on the way to achive our ambitious goal to become a pretigious, safe and top quality Contractor in Vietnam and will continue to go further.

Our strength also comes from the SAFETY commitment in each of our construction project. With the criterion “Coming to us is coming to SAFETY and SUCCESS”, we always set priority on the matters of safety, work responsibilities, creativity, technology and construction method innovation. We believe your choice will bring success and sustainable development to the construction industry. Together we will build more high-quality projects and bring the most sustainable works to our future generations.

Sustainable Links – Building The Future, Together For Our Success And Development
that is all we - VINACONS E&C would like to say to you - our valued customers and partners.

We wish you every success and luck, and hope that we can have chance to cooperate with you.

We sincerely thank you!


VINA E&C Construction and Investment JSC strives to become a professional Vietnamese-branded investor and contractor in the construction industry. The development of the company is always associated with social development, community interests, development trends of the world and Vietnamese culture.


“Constantly improving the service quality to bring the best and most perfect products to customers.”

VINACONS E&C is established, exists and develops to bring customers the best values. Always ready to face challenges, we always set new and higher standards, constantly striving to improve our service quality, using high quality human resources together with applying advanced construction science and technology to bring satisfaction to our customers and partners.


In the steps of conquering the heights, there will never be a companion without a companion, together we will go further. VINACONS E&C always innovates creative thinking, creating a professional environment to become a reliable companion. 


For employees: We always build a solid team of employees who have a long-term commitment to the company, building a safe, professional working environment, working with integrity and with enthusiasm, a commitment to conquer the heights together.

For customers and partners: We are always sincere and cooperative as the success of customers and partners is also our success. We always aim for sustainable development in our work.


“Mind” - one of our most important foundations of development. We share the same thought, the same enthusiasm, the same belief to bring the best values to our customers and partners; constantly improving and perfecting the system to provide services with quality exceeding the expectations of investors. We build trust based on fairness, transparency and mutual respect.


Following the success of the past 10 years, as a prestigious and quality contractor, the next orientation of VINA E&C INVESTMENT AND CONSTRUCTION JSC is to strive to become a reliable Vietnamese-branded professional investor and contractor in the construction industry. The development of the company is always associated with social development, community interests, development trends of the world and Vietnamese culture.


Transport infrastructure works, industrial parks, industrial factories, seaports, buildings, hotels and resorts.


Development of the existing markets and customers for seaport transportation infrastructure and industrial warehouses, etc. in Vietnam. Research and development of construction into buildings, hotels and resorts.

Science and Technology

Application of the ''Advance Project Management" và ''Building Information Modeling" into our works.



Investment into the modern and technology innovative specialized equipment, together with training of a professional team of technicals and skilled workers as well as experts in order to meet the development requirements of the company.


Strict management of costs and effective use of the capital, improvement of financial capacity to ensure the continuous, stable and solid development.